J A C K I E  T I L E S T O N

In an attempt at a “unified field theory” of painting, Jackie Tileston brings together a wide multiplicity of sources into a coherent - and sometimes discordant - whole. The paintings feed from the history of abstraction, physics, traditional eastern imagery, Chinese landscape motifs, digital imaging, and other sources. There is a constant flux between atmospheric and graphic, abstract and figurative, quiet and chaotic forces. A medley of images and materials are orchestrated to create or reconstruct a world within the painting in which a new kind of sense is made, one in which the beautiful, absurd, sacred, and mundane can coexist. Denying a conflict between meaning and visual opulence, between commercial culture and content, the artist is interested in creating a pictorial landscape in which anything could be included, but that seems to possess its own logic. Tileston knits together a kind of visual globalism wherein the work transforms its multiple sources into a stronger, weirder, and more complex pictorial version of the world. 

Jackie Tileston was born in Manila and has lived in France, India and England. She earned her MFA in Painting from Indiana University and her BA in Fine Arts from Yale University. She was awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in painting (2006) and the Pew Fellowship in the Arts (2004) among many other honors. She is Associate Professor of Fine Arts in the School of Design at The University of Pennsylvania. Tileston lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. 


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