P H O T O  '1 8 - Adrien Broom, Lisa A. FrankCarlos Gamez de FranciscoJeffrey Sturges

April 21 - June 2, 2018

Opening Reception April 21, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

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A D R I E N  B R O O M

Adrien Broom is storyteller. Rather than photographing the world as it is, the artist creates her own realm and tells the stories she imagines. Broom’s work is deeply rooted in fairy tales and mythology, her vivid childhood imaginings focused through a sophisticated adult lens. In her most recent series Broom travelled to Yorkshire’s 18th-century Wentworth Woodhouse, the largest private home in Britain. For two weeks, the artist and a small troupe of models and assistants worked in the lavish home’s labyrinthine rooms to create a series of magical images. In one, a lone woman stands in an empty room, her ethereal, glowing gown lit by 1100 LEDs that the artist sewed into the fabric. In others, fog drifts and settles indoors, conflating reality and dreams; light and atmosphere become characters as essential to the narrative as the human figure.

Broom earned a BA in Computer Animation at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, studied in Fine Arts in Italy, followed by Fine and Decorative Art History at Christie’s in London. Her work has been shown in the US, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy. It has been featured in The New York Times, Huffington Post and numerous other publications.


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Lisa A. Frank’s large-scale photographs are kaleidoscopic multilayered images of the natural world. The work’s complex patterns are composed from the artist’s deep archive of her own photographs; the images are digitally collaged and arranged in patterns that take cues from historic wallpaper designs. Densely ornamental, the work draws upon the artist's background as a textile designer as well as the interior decoration documents of Britain’s Aesthetic Movement of the late 19th century. The artwork is presented in several different ways: as solitary repeating patterns, as stand-alone tapestry-like designs, and as floor to ceiling Specimen Panels that combine repeating patterns with elaborately constructed trompe l’oeil mouldings that include wainscoting, friezes, borders, swags and other architectural detailing. The ability of these patterns to endlessly tile creates the potential for multiple sized works ranging from large individual prints to full room installations. Frank’s artwork is connected to the “wildness” in nature even as she is taming it by the creation of formal compositions. In addition to her fine art, Frank has designed textiles, wallpaper, and surface treatments for residential and commercial interior projects.

The artist was awarded the MacDowell Colony’s Evelyn Stefansson Nef Fellow in photography. Frank was a Senior Research Fellow at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She was the first artist/collaborator to be given this distinction. At the University of Wisconsin, Frank is currently part of the Discovery to Product (D2P) incubator program, through which she is developing virtual reality content based on her two-dimensional photography. Frank has a MFA in Design Studies from the University of Wisconsin and has completed extensive graduate work at Yale University, New Haven, CT, and School of Visual Arts, New York, NY. The artist lives and works in Wisconsin.


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C A R L O S  G A M E Z  d e  F R A N C I S C O

Carlos Gamez de Francisco was born in post-revolutionary Cuba in 1987 in a climate of art censorship and  limited access to information. Carlos Gamez de Francisco was educated in an academic style heavily influenced by the Russian Academy. This influence and the history of Cuba itself, its storytelling and history, are the lens through which the artist creates quasi-historic portraits, narratives and an illusory world. Gamez de Francisco understood that decontextualizing epochs and artistic symbols are tools that establish a connection between the present and the past. His works explores themes of power, hierarchy, perfection and beauty, repetition, decoration and obscene abundance. His images often depict a sense of happiness and well-being which in turn, insinuates a nonexistent time. Thus, themes and specific figures are examples of distorted reality illustrating my perceptions about life.The artist focuses on modifying historical periods, fashion, images and contexts using insects, whether realistically represented or not, as imaginary elements recreating new contexts. Mainly, He recreates experiences and memories by superimposing and manipulating historical figures and events.


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J E F F R E Y  S T U R G E S

Jeffrey Sturges’ photographs have been and remain, in essence, landscapes. In Sturges’ newest iteration of the landscape, the artist has moved inside. In these compositions, a fluorescent lamp suspended over a shelf becomes a visual equivalent to the sun illuminating a man-made green space, a potted plant is a stand-in for a tree or hedgerow. In the spare compositions, each object is significant. Scale plays an important role in the series; ordinary objects are depicted life-size. The one-to-one ratio amplifies their presence and affirms our connection to familiar objects. Sturges’ technical skills and formal concerns are understood immediately and imparted through the clarity and practiced restraint of his elegant work.

Jeffrey Sturges earned an MFA from SUNY Stony Brook, NY and a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore. Sturges’ photographs have been exhibited extensively in the US as well as in Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and Italy. The artist lives and works in New York.