Talking Heads, Contemporary Artists Making Portraits : Group exhibition

Kenise Barnes Fine Art will open a challenging new show on November 3. The show will feature 13 contemporary artists each making portraits. These artists’ work in diverse mediums from photography to oil paint. It is astounding to see how many different voices and statements emerge from this traditional genre.

Portraits are psychologically engaging. We are both the viewer and the viewed. Some artists have made very direct even confrontational portraits. Others isolate body parts or gestures and we are obliged imagine the rest. Portraits are narrative by nature, as the viewer we can fabricate the myth of an anonymous sitter. All portraits are a distinct moment is an individual existence-unique in time.


The artists range from those just completing their Master in Fine Art degrees to established artists who have shown regularly in New York over a decade. They are working in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Westchester County and New York City.