Surf and Turf: Group exhibition

The gallery is pleased to announce our 2007 summer show. In the lighthearted spirit of summer pursuits, sand and salt air we have titled the show Surf and Turf.


The paintings and sculptures in this exhibition capture the images and the essence of summers past and evoke summers pleasures yet to come.


You can almost smell the hot dogs while marveling at Randy Ford’s photorealist painting of the boardwalk at Coney Island. This is Ford’s debut with the gallery. Peter Bahouth plays with the concept of stereoscopic vision. Take a peek into his view master style three-dimensional slide stands to see what private images are hiding there. Deborah Brown captures the “surf” in her painting Jumper and the “turf” of our national parks in a midnight painting of an ambling bear. Brown is a well-known painter of natural environments. Lisa Dahl has her irreverent way with suburban houses in her photographs in which she obliterated the mcmansions with child like glitter. Her four small works are picture post cards from the suburbs. The artist Peter Dayton makes surfboards. Or does he make paintings? More accurately they are surfboard like paintings; a glossy homage to modernist painters. Joni Sternbach has been shooting photographs of surfers at Ditch Plains in Long Island and Santa Barbara CA for the past two years. Using wet plate collodian process she juxtaposes this historic technique with the contemporary subject matter. William Steiger contributes a serpentine aerial landscape. These precise landscapes are a persistent and iconic theme for Steiger.