Natural Impressions: Eve Stockton: One-person exhibition

Spending concentrated time each summer in Nova Scotia, artist Eve Stockton, has a grand studio in the great outdoors. Carving three- foot square wood blocks for her spectacular woodcut prints on paper, she creates a composition in relief. Each color evident in the finished prints is produced from a separate wood block.


Eve Stockton’s woodcut prints are inspired by close observation of nature

and by her eclectic interest in science. Her woodcuts depict nature at different

scales, often simultaneously. Whether micro or macro in scope, nature’s

energy is evoked in abstracted shapes and chromatic layering.

The springboards to Eve’s art are the natural world observed and the

primordial world imagined. Her imagery often starts off connected to a

specific place. For example, she is an avid hiker with a particular fondness

for the woods and coastal areas of New England and Nova Scotia. Her

nature-based prints seem familiar at first. Upon closer observation, however,

the imagery is rendered to suggest dualities, such as order/chaos and