In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone: Brett Eberhardt and Gregory Hennen

Kenise Barnes Fine Art is pleased to present a two-person painting exhibit featuring oil paintings by Brett Eberhardt and Gregory Hennen. 


Eberhardt’s paintings focus on interiors and Hennen is painting landscapes; the exhibition comes together with the artists’ shared visual sensibilities evidenced by their closely observed attention and reverential treatment of subjects whether commonplace or grand. Brett Eberhardt’s painted interiors are inhabited by singular objects and are vacant of human presence save the reminders in the painted surfaces, worn floorboards or a worktable softened by use. Eberhardt’s humble interiors, lushly described in oil paint, depict the well-loved surfaces of his studio and home in a tender, devout manner.


Gregory Hennen paints the mountains and valleys of the dramatic landscape of his Virginia home. A naturalist as well as a life-long painter, Hennen has a close relationship with his environment. On his daily walks he fills sketchbooks chronicling the land, the effect of passing light and the seasonal changes. By building up tens of thousands of small brush strokes, Hennen’s paintings are a complex collection of small marks gathered and made solid. The landscape paintings are at once astoundingly complex and perfectly calm.


Both artists’ make what can be described as ego-less paintings, perfectly crafted and stunningly beautiful; this exhibition is a joy to take see.