Days I Have Held, Days I Have Lost: Amanda Acker, David Konigsberg, KK Kozik, David Licata, Sally Maca

Days I Have Held, Days I Have Lost

May 20 – July 2, 3023, reception May 20, 4 – 6 Public invited


New paintings by Amanda Acker, David Konigsberg, KK Kozik, and Sally Maca, and glass wall sculpture by David Licata.


Kenise Barnes Fine Art is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring contemporary artwork that refers to landscape through specific depiction of place and through metaphor. The exhibition features artists working in Colorado, Michigan, The Hudson Valley, and CT, whose observations and portrayal of the natural world are intermixed with both distinct sense of place and a universal intimation of memory and emotion. The artists in the exhibition work in ways as varied as the terrain; Maca makes itty bitty postcard size landscape paintings; Konigsberg’s compositions are large with multiple figures and sweeping skies; Acker paints intimate scenes from life at home in the country; Kozik offers paintings of life in Litchfield County, including the fly fishing in the Housatonic River. Her paintings are at once representational and swerve into abstraction and pattern. Licata's glass wall sculptures are fittingly inspired by the movement and fluidity of waterfalls. Through these artists our appreciation of the natural world is examined, expanded, and exalted.