Re:Drawing: Jacob El Hanani, Mary Judge, Karen Margolis, Creighton Michael, Lily Prince, Andra SAmelson, Mark Sheinkman, Amy wickersham

Re:Drawing, a survey of contemporary artists who redefine and push the boundaries of drawing. Art trends come and go, but drawing has always captivated the imagination of artists. With little more than paper, pencil and pen the 8 artists represented in Re:Drawing creates highly original and strikingly diverse artwork. The excitement of this show lies in the dichotomy of traditional materials in the hands of untraditional artists.


Andra Samelson makes large-scale drawings entirely out of crosshatching bic pen. Carefully rendered, her forms resemble sophisticated "doodles" that tap the unconscious mind.

Mark Sheinkman uses graphite and eraser to expand, condense and twist space. His deliberate and controlled drawings speak directly to the intellect.
Jacob El Hanani uses pencil on paper to explore repetitive microscopic mark making. Each fascinating drawing takes months to complete and becomes a meditation on drawing itself.

Karen Margolis uses ink on vellum to layer imagery found in biology and science. These beautiful organic forms are visually enigmatic.

Mary Judge cuts stencils and "pounces" graphite onto canvas in a concentric format. Mandalas, handprints and maps come to mind in a style that melds recent and ancient history.

Creighton Michael brush and ink works evoke Chinese calligraphic drawings. They are nature derived and elegantly executed. Creighton Michael is featured in a retrospective at The Neuberger Museum of Art concurrent with this show.

Lily Prince’s mark making is both simple and highly sophisticated. Limiting herself to utilizing only primary colors and using only her fingerprint to convey her ideas she produces delicate, glowing works.

Amy Wickersham explores the opacity and translucence of her materials. Working with charcoal, vellum and varnish. Her work is about the tension between what is hidden and what is revealed.