Sitting Still, Landscape Paintings: Gregory Hennen and Joy Moser

This two-person show features landscapes by Gregory Hennen and Joy Moser.


Gregory Hennen has dedicated five years of study and seclusion to making the current body of work. In that time he has produced a stunning group of landscapes depicting the Hudson River, the surrounding marshes, and woodlands. Hennen works methodically making small paintings and drawings directly in nature. In the studio, the landscapes are filtered through his personal vision, simplified and refined. His paintings are built slowly with small repetitive marks. The resulting works are distillations of lush landscapes emphasizing the organization of space, essentiality of color and quality of light.


Gregory Hennen lives and paints in Garrison, New York.


Joy Moser began her career in the 1950’s as an abstract painter. The influence of the abstract expressionists is felt strongly in the current paintings. The gestural brush stroke and the fluidity of color convey a familiar love of the material. The placement of the various planes depicting land and sky are broad and boldly stated. The artist’s investigation into the infinite variety of the tones, colors and the composition found in nature compelled her to explore the structure of trees, water and sky. The deeper sense of hidden mystery and danger lurking behind nature’s beauty fueled her progress and has resulted in this lush series of landscapes.


Joy Moser is currently a professor at Columbia University. She lives and paints in Scarsdale, New York.