Less Than One: Group exhibition

Less Than One features a large selection of artwork by established artists for under $1,000. Painting, prints, photography and drawings for as little as a few hundred dollars and no more than $1,000. Giving a gift of art is a unique statement of enduring value and collecting has never been easier or more affordable.


The works range from platinum palladium photography by Joni Sternbach to jewel like casein paintings by Heather Hobler-Keene. There are monotypes by Patricia Spergal and gold leafed panels by Rene Lynch.


More than twenty artists have created work specifically for this exciting winter show:

Peggy Bates, David Collins, Edith DeChiara, Lucy Fradkin, Nade Haley, Mary Henderson, Gregory Hennen, Heather Hobler-Keene, Julian Jackson, Mary Judge, Rene Lynch, Henry Mandell, Joy Moser, Linda Nisselson, Lily Prince, Katia Santibanez, Joelle Shallon, Patricia Spergel, Faith Stern, Joni Sternbach, Dannielle Tegeder, Michael Volonakis, Michelle Weinbeger, Melissa Zexter