Mark Bartkiw combines multiple photographs to a subtle but surreal effect. Pieced together, the images create fictional tableaus, an alternate, reassembled reality within the slightly skewed spaces. Juxtaposed landscapes from disparate seasons or different parts of the world, shadows separate from their source, and mysterious bursts of light, flame and smoke suspend expectation and defy definition. Bartkiw uses a variety of collage methods, either by building a photographic source or by manipulating images in post-production. Bartkiw’s photographs are amalgams of imagined realms, reflective of inner states and the human psyche.


As a freelance commercial photographer, Bartkiw has worked for Paramount Pictures, Revlon Canada, Universal Music, Virgin Mobile and many others. Since moving from Toronto to rural Ontario, Bartkiw’s focus shifted from commercial to fine art photography. In 2000, he was awarded the Juno Award for Best Album Design – Photographer and earned the Photo Annual Award from Photo District News in 2002. His work has been featured in Domus Web Italy, The Jealous Curator, Forth Magazine and The Photo Society, among others. Bartkiw earned a degree in Photography from Sheridan College in Toronto.