Joanne Mattera is the foremost expert in the field of encaustic painting and is the founder and former director of the International Encaustic Conference. Her artwork is in the collections of The New Britain Museum of Contemporary Art, US Embassies (Slovenia and Poland), US State Department, Bank of America, and Norwegian Cruise Lines, to name a few, as well as numerous private collections. Mattera writes a contemporary art blog, she is a frequent guest speaker and curator and is a member of American Abstract Artists (NYC). The artist lives and works in MA and in NYC. 

"I have long referred to my work as lush minimalism, a term that’s as tongue in cheek as it is true."    

                        -Joanne Mattera

“I was dazzled by the well-handled triangles of Joanne Mattera’s Chromatic Geometry ...”    

                         - James Panero