For Taiwanese-born Lalani Nan, making art is a legacy passed to her from her mother and her grandmother. Her visual awareness and strong color sense were cultivated from a young age; painting and drawing were a major part of her daily life. As a child, Nan has a vivid memory of shopping with her grandmother in a silk shop. As the store clerk tossed different silks over the counter, each bolt glowed and shimmered with light, creating mystery it its creases and folds. This memory has never faded and became a central influence in her art. Nan’s paintings express her passion for the tactile nature of fabrics and their topographies. Each painting is built slowly with many layers of pigment, each color a building block integral to the richness and depth of hues in her seemingly monochromatic canvases.


Lalani Nan received a B.F.A. from the Atlanta College of Art. She works and lives in Woodstock, NY.