Working large, Court Lurie’s paintings read as a narrative tableau, a rich visual journey. Each oil painting is an exploration of the painted surface, spatial relations and gestural drawing. The immersive canvases, some as large as 8.5 feet long, invite the viewer to spend time moving from calm swaths of pale paint to energetic patches of soft, geometric activity. Lurie effectively nourishes us visually and emotionally with her engaging and generous work.


Lurie earned a BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA. The artist has been featured in many design and lifestyle magazines, on television, in films and in several industry publications. Lurie’s work is in many private and public collections including The Westin Hotel, Austin, TX, The Four Seasons Hotel, Austin, TX. She was awarded artist residencies at Jentel Artist Residencies, Banner, WY, Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, Saratoga, WY, The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center, Nebraska, NE and The Rensing Center, Pickins, SC. Court is also a trauma sensitive yin yoga instructor, Reiki Master and spiritual guide. She lives and works in Austin, TX.