Other People's Fiction: Group exhibition

Other People’s Fiction is a photography exhibition that explores the idea of an artificial reality. These contemporary artists producing “set up” or “constructed” photography. The artist creating a narrative defines this genre rather than documenting found event. The viewer is left with questions about the truth or fiction of the composition captured by a camera, a tools we generally rely on to express facts.


Corina Gamma is a Swiss photographer working in Los Angeles, California. She has an MFA from Claremont Graduate University. She has exhibited widely in California and in Europe.

Patrick Jacobs is not a photographer but his tiny dioramas of garden scenes are peaked at through two lenses fit into a small hole in the gallery wall. Meticulously constructed and lit, these scenes are magical and mysterious. Jacobs has a MFA from The Chicago Art Institute. He works in Brooklyn.


Laura Letinsky, a Canadian artist competed her MFA at Yale and currently teaches at The University of Chicago. Her work is formally reminiscent of Dutch still lives but the detritus is that of a contemporary life; a birthday cake or a take out coffee cup, for example.


Lori Nix’s work exemplifies the genre of “set up” photography. She crafts entire sets of what appear to be historic architectural sites. Nix bends the line between truth and illusion in her large-scale color photographs. She works in Brooklyn.