You Never Know Just How it Looks Through Other People's Eyes: Group exhibition

Landscape painting may be the oldest and an utterly inexhaustible genre.  What is endless is not the world around us but the eye of each artist. Individual optic impose material choices and point of view.  


“This is my orgiastic moment; contemplating how to combine the abstract process elements with other images.” Shane McAdams 


Jackie Battenfield is known for her luminously colored paintings of natural forces.  We are pleased to present work from her on-going series of branching trees and foliage paintings on Mylar.  This work is at once a naturalistic representation and a complex abstraction of pooled and layered paint on a pristine white surface.  Among Battenfield‘s awards are a Pollack-Krasner Grant and a Fulbright Scholarship.  She is a well know author and her paintings and prints are in hundreds of collections worldwide.   


Vivian Kahra was born and was educated in Germany.  She has shown extensively in Germany and since re-locating to New York her work has been generating critical acclaim in the US.  Her mostly pale canvases allude to the slippery nature of recall and the effort to make a moment last. Her paintings are about the space in a picture plane and the compositional elements that break and intrude upon that space.  Equally, they are about the artist’s light touch and the transparency of watercolor on canvas.   For large canvases, they are achingly introspective and personal.  


David Konigsberg has been an important part of our gallery program for more than five years.  His approach to landscape painting is both truthful and fictitious, an observation and an interpreted memory. The lushly painted clouds and skies are hallmarks of his seductive landscape painting. Konigsberg lives and works in New York.  His paintings are in many public and private collections and have been featured on the television show Gossip Girl.   


Shane McAdams’ edgy paintings are made with vivid colors and seductive materials. His current work reflects the dueling relationships between natural and synthetic forms – those that look like nature versus those that are nature. This painter is endlessly inventive in his combinations of meticulously painted landscapes and poured resin and glue.  His work has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Flavorwire, The Huffington Post, to name a few.